Geochemical research
Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Bazhenova T.K.
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pdf  Geochemical research on hydrogen accumulation in the Gazli gas field
Surface determination of hydrogen concentrations in groundwater and on the surface of Gazli gas field has shown that this field is situated in the area of deep degassing of hydrogen, which is transferred to the surface through several deep faults. A joint transit of hydrogen and helium through these structures has been established along with the absence of the mantle characteristic - light isotope of helium-3 in the flow of light deep gases. Simultaneously original method of mapping the deep areas of hydrogen relived on the surface has been tested. Consequence of the hydrogen displacing in the covering sediments was the formation of contrasting reducing geochemical barriers permitting infiltration oxygen groundwater with dissolved polyvalent elements. As a result industrial uranium deposits and associated elements were formed in the conditions of absence of mineral reductive agents in some uranium hydrogenic deposits in Central Asia.
Key words: helium, hydrogen, uranium, deep faults, hydrocarbon generation, underground water, gas field Gazli.
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