Economy, information technology, resource management
Section editor – PhD in economics Krasnov O.S.
Article # 44_2010 submitted on 09/22/2010 displayed on website on 10/04/2010
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pdf  Investment attractiveness of hydrocarbon resource base

The results of geological-economic assessment and investment attractiveness of the hydrocarbon resource base depending on the geologically-commercial and macroeconomic conditions of the mining projects implementation: values of stocks, initial flow rates, depth, oil and gas prices, tax system and tariffs (oil and gas facilities within the territory of the Nenets Autonomous District and the Komi Republic, Timan-Pechora petroleum province as an example) have been considered. A thorough analysis of the current tax system for oil and gas production is presented.

Key words: geological and economic assessment, investment attractiveness, oil, gas, resource base, taxes, investments, economics, commercial specifications, Nenets Autonomous District, Komi Republic, Timan-Pechora petroleum province.
article citation Grigoryev G.A. Investment attractiveness of hydrocarbon resource base // Neftegazovaya Geologiya. Teoriya I Praktika. – 2010. - V.5. - #4.-