Stratigraphy and lithology
Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Kirichkova A.I.
Article # 1_2009 submitted on 01/11/2009 displayed on website on 02/12/2009
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pdf  Whether or not the revision of the stratigraphy planetary scale is necessary?
The questions associated with the necessity of considerable changes in the planetary scale of stratigraphy are considered. Due to constant perfecting this scale by highly qualified specialists from many countries it became canonical. Geological cartography and searches for useful minerals, primarily hydrocarbons, are unthinkable without this scale. The world geological society owes all the established regularities in the history of geological developing a planet and its separate regions to this scale. Because of the constant accumulation of geological information this scale is to be perfected but not be reconstructed. Some innovations in the planetary scale, proposed at the 32nd (2000) and 33rd (2008) International Geological Congresses (IGC), don’t withstand any critics. The former stages are abolished, new stages appear, some stages are transformed to a rank of series, global stratigraphic subdivisions disappear, preference is given to their time equivalents. The reconstruction of the planetary (international, general) scale, as it was undertaken at the 32nd and 33rd IGCs, causes alarm because it reduces to zero the meanings of such important subdivisions as systems, series and even stages. It does irreparable harm to the scale and the practice of the geological researches associated with searches for mineral resources.
Key words: planetary scale, stratigraphy, systems, series, epochs, chronozones, paleontology, geological cartography, searches for hydrocarbons.
article citation Krasnov V.I. Whether or not the revision of the stratigraphy planetary scale is necessary? // Neftegazovaya Geologiya. Teoriya I Praktika. – 2009. - V.4. - #1.-