Petroleum potential and development
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pdf  Аchievements and problems of using subsurface resources on the sakhalin shelf
A large center of marine oil-gas production is built on the Far East of Russia. It is formed on the basis of hydrocarbon reserves prepared on the Sakhalin shelf in the Soviet period of our history. The total hydrocarbon reserves of the nine fields, discovered in this period, comprise more than 1.8 billion t o.e., cumulative hydrocarbon production of three fields (since 1999) by the Sakhalin 1 and Sakhalin 2 projects already exceeded 30 million t o.e. The production peak of these fields and also three fields prepared for production and followed by its decrease are not far off. The results of exploration in the Sakhalin licensing areas (3, 4, 5, 6 tenders) conducted during 2004-2007 show that there isn't reason to hope on the renewal of reserves sufficient for production maintaining after production falling being forecasted in the future. This problem can be solved only by the combined efforts of all the interested parties: the Russian Federation, its near-sea subdivisions, investors, users of subsurface resources
Keu words: Sakhalin shelf, use of subsurface resources, license area, offshore exploration drilling, hydrocarbon reserves and resources, hydrocarbon fields.
article citation Novikov Yu.N. Аchievements and problems of using subsurface resources on the sakhalin shelf // Neftegazovaya Geologiya. Teoriya I Praktika. – 2008. - V.3. - #3.-