Regional petroleum geology
Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Makarevich V.N.
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pdf  Evolutionary-genetic hydrogeological criteriaof sedimentary basin petroleum prospects
The paragenetic and genetic relationship between certain chemical types of groundwater and oil and gas accumulations forms the basis for petroleum potential prospects evaluation using gaz-hydro-geo-chemical indicators. At this stage the forecast is carried out at regional, less often – at zonal level. Conducted petroleum potential forecast by the methods of mathematical statistics enables to reach the level of petroleum assessment of local structures. Basic hydrogeological parameters of hydrocarbon potential assessment have been established. These parameters determine the peculiarities of hydrogeological systems of the sedimentation basins development, depending on the lithology of the sedimentary performance and geologic history of the basin. This allows to develop a system of evolutionary genetic hydrogeological criteria for petroleum potential forecast.
Key words: groundwater water-soluble gases, sedimentary basins, gaz-hydro-geo-chemical indicators, hydrogeological criteria, petroleum prospects.
article citation Zytner Yu.I. Evolutionary-genetic hydrogeological criteria of sedimentary basin petroleum prospects // Neftegazovaya Geologiya. Teoriya I Praktika. – 2006. - V.1. -