Petroleum potential and development
Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Zharkov A.M.
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pdf Southern-eastern part of Kaliningrad region - new openings and oil prospect perspectives
For a long time (until the mid-1980s), the territory of the eastern part of the Kaliningrad region was not considered among the promising directions for increasing the region's raw resource quantity. It was believed that the geological prerequisites of this region (low thickness of the sedimentary cover, remoteness from the axial most submerged part of the Kursh Depression with the optimum depth of burial of source rocks and other factors) do not contribute enough to the formation of oil accumulations. However, the subsequent discoveries of a number of oil fields made it possible to reconsider the views on the prospects of this area of the Russian Baltic Syneclise. The results of geological exploration work of recent years are considered. The example of the Ryazan accumulation (Kursh Depression Baltic Syneclise) gives a geological description of typical objects of oil prospecting, promising local uplifts and future research directions.

Keywords: geological prospecting, oil accumulation, oil-bearing prospects, Baltic syneclise.
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