Pechenkin V.G.

SFUGE «Urangeo»
Moscow, Russia

PhD in geology and mineralogy.
Deputy Chief Geologist of SFUGE «Urangeo».
Area of scientific interest: minerageny of sedimentary basins.
Regional petroleum geology
Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Makarevich V.N.
Article # 27_2009 submitted on 07/20/2009 displayed on website on 08/17/2009
17 p.
pdf  Ore forming in oil-gas basins with elision hydrodynamic conditions

Three interconnected ore-forming systems (stages-type, exfiltration and infiltration) being the most important in hydrogenous ore-formation are distinguished. Each of them is characterized by forming the definite useful minerals: gaseous, liquid and solid (ore and non-metalliferous). The metallogenic specialization of large geological blocks is determined by the action of ore forming systems both in time and in space. The distribution peculiarities of microcomponents in exfiltration water of West Turkmen depression Middle Pliocene deposits are considered. A correlation was made between the composition of manifestations of hydromineral raw materials and ore manifestations of the depression and its frame. A set of regularities of mineralization localization in its forming in the process of exfiltration movement of formation waters is revealed.
Key words: ore-forming system, sedimentary basin, exfiltration conditions.
article citation Pechenkin I.G., Pechenkin V.G. Ore forming in oil-gas basins with elision hydrodynamic conditions // Neftegazovaya Geologiya. Teoriya I Praktika. – 2009. - V.4. - #3.-