Glushchenko O.N.

Graduated from Leningrad Technological Institute, qualification "chemical engineer" (1984). PhD in Chemistry.
Associate Professor of St. Petersburg State National Mineral and Raw University "Gorny".
Research interests: solid fuels processing, plasma-chemistry.
Author of 35 publications and one patent.
Hard-extracted reserves, unconventional hydrocarbon sources
Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Yakutseni V.P.
Article # 52_2012 submitted on 10/02/2012 displayed on website on 10/10/2012
10 p.
pdf  Review of modern thermal methods of oil shale processing and ecological aspects of their use
The review of modern of oil shale processing thermal methods (onsurface and partly underground) are analyzed. Their specifications (configurations of retorts and coolants) are described. The environmental risks of thermal surface technologies of oil shale processing are evaluated on the basis of technical and environmental criteria.
Key words: oil shale, surface technology, ground technology, retort, pyrolysis.
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