Vinokurov I.Yu.

Graduated from Leningrad Mining Institute, mining engineer and geologist.
PhD in geology and mineralogy.
Chief Geologist of «Sevmorgeo».
Area of scientific interest: geology of oil and gas, geology of the Arctic, lithology of oil and gas bearing strata.
Author of more than 40 publications.
Offshore hydrocarbon deposits
Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Margulis L.S.
Article # 037 displayed on website on 12/20/2007
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pdf  Some methodological aspects of petroleum geological zoning of the Barents-Kara region
Petroleum geological zoning of the Barents-Kara region, criteria of possible oil and gas complexes identification in the Paleozoic-Triassic part of the sequence, generation and accumulation capacity of the pre-Jurassic sediments are being described. Some features of composition, stratigraphic scope and distribution of potential oil and gas complexes within the continental shelf of the Barents and Kara Seas have been analyzed on the basis of geological interpretation of key regional geotraverses (made by «Sevmorgeo») and other geophysical data. Some methodological approaches were used when zoning of Paleozoic-Triassic part of the sedimentary cover. The sequence studied is divided into four types by the predominance of deposits of certain stratigraphic range; the depth of research was limited to 7 km. The "enlarged" method of oil and gas complex identification was chosen for the Timan-Pechora province, i.e. oil and gas complexes and potential oil and gas complexes revealed in different provinces are compatible with each other in terms of size and stratigraphic scope.
Key words: offshore, oil and gas complex, oil and gas province, distribution patterns, the Barents-Kara region, the Barents-North Kara oil and gas province, the Timan-Pechora province, the South Kara oil and gas area, Paleozoic-Triassic sediments.
article citation Ananiev V.V., Vinokurov I.Yu. Some methodological aspects of petroleum geological zoning of the Barents-Kara region // Neftegazovaya Geologiya. Teoriya I Praktika. - 2007. - V.2. -