Regional petroleum geology
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pdf  Cretaceus play - new exploration potential in the Eastern Georgia*
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Georgian oil and gas fields belong to the Black Sea and Caspian Sea hydrocarbon provinces. The geology of Georgia is characterized by two foreland basins: Rioni in the west and Kartli/Upper Kura in the east. They are bounded to the north and south by orogenic belts with complex internal nappes configuration: respectively, the Greater Caucasus and Adzharia-Trialet. In the Rioni Basin, the source rock is represented by the Malm bituminous shales and carbonates and the traps are either anticlines/faulted anticlines or stratigraphic. Hydrocarbon migration occurred in Neocomian time and during the Oligocene-Miocene. In the Kura Basin, the most prolific source rocks are Upper Jurassic, Upper Eocene and Oligocene clays. Oil generation by the Oligocene-Lower Miocene Maykop Fm. started in Lower Pliocene. Some 18 oil and gas accumulations have been discovered in Georgia, including 15 in the Kura Basin, amongst which the 236 (P+P) MMbbl Samgori-Patardzeuli and 58 MMbbl (P+P) Ninotsminda Eocene fields are the best known. The Georgian fields are ageing and exploration of the new Upper Cretaceous carbonate play is seen as a means to stop the rapid decline of the country reserves. Successful analogues are known on the northern side of the Caucasus and two operators, CanArgo and Frontera, started investing in both wildcats and seismic acquisition to further define this play on the southern side of the Caucasus. The first well, Manavi 11, successfully demonstrated the validity of the concept when it flowed good quality oil and gas. The Manavi structure is currently (2006) y being appraised, while more prospect locations are being prepared with modern seismic coverage and are awaiting investors to participate in drilling activity. The new Cretaceous play could give new perspectives for the future exploration activity in the Eastern Georgia.
Key words: Petroleum geology, tectonics, play, Mesozoic, Cenozoic, Rioni Basin, Kura Basin, Terek-Caspian Basin, Greater Caucasus.
article citation Morariu D., Noual V. Cretaceus play - new exploration potential in the Eastern Georgia // Neftegazovaya Geologiya. Teoriya I Praktika. – 2009. - V.4. - #2.-