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pdf  Effective licensing as a tool for renewalof oil and gas reserves, Nenets Autonomous District
The characteristic of the hydrocarbon resource base has been presented (Nenets Autonomous District, Timan-Pechora petroleum province). Elaborate licensing program aimed at oil and gas extraction growth is to become the basis for extractive industry development of the region. The principles of construction and a program version developed in VNIGRI have been proposed. The implementation prospects and expected results have been evaluated. The solution of problems considered following the developed and proposed approach systematically viewed makes it possible to hope that the implementation of such a program can provide the basis for developing a Programme of oil and gas sector development of the North-West region of Russia.
Key words: Nenets Autonomous District, hydrocarbon resource base, licensing, oil and gas extraction, reserves growth, reserves renewal.
article citation Prischepa O.M., Makarevich V.N., Galimzyanov R.M. Effective licensing as a tool for renewal of oil and gas reserves, Nenets Autonomous District // Neftegazovaya Geologiya. Teoriya I Praktika. – 2006. - V.1. -