Stashkova E.K.

Specialist in stratigraphy, lithology and paleontology of the Lower Carboniferous foraminifera of east of the Russian platform.
PhD in geology and mineralogy.
Head of the department of lithology and stratigraphy of «KamNIIKIGS».
Developer of detail litho-bio-stratigraphic and stratigraphic schemes, bio-stratigraphic scales of foraminifera at zonal level.
Author of more than 50 publications.
Stratigraphy and lithology
Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Kirichkova A.I.
Article # 007 displayed on website on 03/19/2007
32 p.
pdf  Oil geology stratigraphy: research methodologyand current issues
The methodological aspects of stratigraphic research on the geologically closed areas, sedimentary basins have been considered as well as current issues of the detailed petroleum strata stratigraphy due to the need to explore new productive horizons and new petroleum objects.
Key words: sedimentary basins, methodology, oil and gas province, methods, stratigraphy, productive strata.
article citation Kirichkova A.I., Chizhova V.A., Stashkova E.K., Fortunatova N.K., Shurygin B.N. Oil geology stratigraphy: research methodology and current issues // Neftegazovaya Geologiya. Teoriya I Praktika. – 2007. - V.2. -